Thursday, July 18, 2013

9 days post iui

In honesty I have no idea any more.

Today I had to attend a meeting outside in the heat, first thing in the morning and I never recovered from the exhaustion and headache.  Also I woke in the night and feeling distinctly queasy, so I got up and made oats.  Last time I did an IUI I felt sick right before I got my period, so feeling sick was probably not a good sign.  Needless to say I have felt period pains all day, and spent the majority of my day seemingly checking my underwear to see if my period has started.

Life is a little cruel this way because on a normal cycle no IUI,  I have next to no period pains at all, certainly not for days on end.  It makes me think something must have happened, but how long for how long I don't know.

Can't believe I didn't waste a pregnancy test today, but I know its way too early - and my period will probably start the moment I try to test!  I have though arranged a busy / social weekend, so I can have some friends around if / when I get my bad news.

On a positive note my tits have become really quite sore when Sage milks me!

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