Monday, July 15, 2013

5 and 6 days post IUI

I would like to thank Shannon and Abbey both for their comments on my last post!   Shannon undoubtedly has the backing of modern science to suggest that it is physically impossible to feel any sign of pregnancy before 5 days post IUI, however anecdotal evidence might suggest otherwise ?(especially in my case :-)

For example my whole life I have had extremely in or even non sensitive nipples.  At one time I thought there might actually be something wrong with me - so much so that I would inform any boyfriends not to pay attention to my nipples lest they go crazy trying to get some sort of reaction out of me!

Imagine my surprise when on my second IUI (unmedicated cycle - first IUI we were one day too late) I was busy at work when I suddenly was conscious of the sensation that a ghost had walked up to me and was pulling on my tits - so strong as to make them "sizzle".   I placed this at the time conception.  For 3 days I watched and actually photographed my nipples enlarging - to about 7 mm circumference.. Then this symptom gradually disappeared.

In the cycle that I got pregnant with Sage I only felt one tit sizzle on conception!

Now back to my pregnancy symptoms.  Days 5 and 6 have tended to be the time in my cycle where I feel something goes wrong.  On saturday I became extremely depressed thinking that perhaps this cycle might not work, because I could not feel any immediate and comforting pains of pregnancy.

Last night however I began to think perhaps there is still a chance.  When have I ever had pre period like pains starting from just a few days after ovulation?  Not to mention my extreme aching legs, and last night my first extremely vivid dream - and a touch of back ache (hopefully fixed today at chiropractor).

During supper I did feel as though something was sort of pincering into my uterus - not at all strongly though, more of a tickle really.  With Sage I felt her almost drilling into the side of my uterus on day 5 and again on day 7, with a mild implantation bleed for an hour on day 6.

Being an optimist I have decided to wear a panty liner today to be sure to see any bleed should there be one (as I happen to be wearing hot pink underwear).   I know that only about 30% of people experience implantation bleeding, but seeing as I had it with Sage and my mother did with me too - I believe this is a very important symptom.  I was also interested to learn that the earlier the bleed is experienced (closer to day 5 or 6) the higher the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Fingers crossed! Only another 259 days.

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