Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 & 8 days post IUI

No implantation bleeding! Oh dear.  I did have a few moments of depression about this until I got suddenly really busy, which has kept me well distracted.

For some reason my mother consulted our UK acupuncturist who said that under no circumstances should I fly long distance until I am 8 weeks pregnant.  Not sure why this is and I couldn't find statistical data.  Anyone know why this would be?

So my wonderful mother has decided that if I am pregnant I should not come and visit - and has informed the entire extended family that I am trying to get pregnant and am probably already so - So they should not expect me to visit this summer.  JUST GREAT!

Meanwhile my tits do not hurt or show any signs of doing so.  Sage is enjoying my milk more than ever (she had sort of gone off it for a while), and I just feel like I am very plugged up waiting for a rather painful period!

Oh well.  Time will tell!

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