Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things get better!

It amazes me how fast the weeks have flown by.  Sage is now 21 weeks old.  She loves getting out and about and meeting people.  She always laughs when I sing Pop goes the weasel.  Lately she has taken to eating her favorite Winnie the Pooh book - sticking it in her mouth, clamping down hard - and pulling it out at great speed.  She often does the same with my tit which causes me to yell obscenities.  She is usually very amiable, except for when she is overtired or we are overdue to a visit to the chiropractor.  She completely ignores our dog - except for when she unexpectedly decides to pull out his ears.  Fortunately he is most obliging!  Many thanks to Abby for reminding me it has been months since I last posted!