Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1 day post ovulation (natural cycle)

I have now done a total of 7 IUI's and in every one I have noticed some fairly immediate sign of pregnancy, within a matter of hours.  Namely a certain sizzle of the tits.  Then as the days wore on I have experience other symptoms, until I have woken up one morning and said "all gone" (with the exception of the time with Sage).  I have just known that the baby has not stuck / implanted right.

So I was really surprised yesterday after my IUI to notice absolutely nothing at all!   I kept thinking maybe it was a bad egg and I had just wasted another precious vial of  Sages donor.  But just as I was about to go to bed I decided to do some explorations.  Fingers to examination - and I found the reason.  I still had tons of cervical egg white mucus.  So maybe I had not ovulated right at time of my IUI, even though my progesterone was said to be at 1.19, which has typically been very close to my ovulation point.

I will say that I did notice yesterday an unusual sense of well being, of relaxation and my body feeling sort of smooth and well oiled  - which I could put down to letting go of the worry that always seems to accompany me going to the IUI.  Did I mess up the days? Did I eat to much before the progesterone test which would screw up the results?  Would they schedule my IUI so late in the day that they missed the window etc?  Or could it be the energy of 21 million little swimmers racing round my innards!  Perhaps they give me some sort of nutrient I am missing - or remind me of the left overs of a night of hot sex!

It seems that last night I did not have enough milk, yes I am still breast feeding Sage, now only 3 times a day,  so when she asked for a bottle as well, I was only too happy to give it her.

This morning when she awoke for her morning feed, I am delighted to say that while there was no sizzle of the tit exactly - I can only describe the feeling as that of being milked by little round razor blades.  I got out of bed and my legs felt like lead!  But I feel good

So hopefully I am now 1 day pregnant or perhaps it is just ovulation optimism?  Anyway I must enjoy it whatever it is!  Only 165 more days to go, right?  I am determined to enjoy each day of being pregnant - until I find differently!

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