Thursday, February 14, 2013

No 2

In December I went to visit my RE about trying for baby No 2.  Since I am still Bfeeding and having monthly cycles she said we could try an unmedicated IUI right away.  However in January when the time came for planting the Magic seed - they sent me for  progesterone test, and told me I was not ovulating despite my LH smiley face.  It seems that they did not realize that breast feeding would affect my progesterone levels! So the moment was missed!

Feb cycle, I went in all excited - until I realized I had been feeling pains in my L ovary for way too long, so requested an ultrasound.  Good news was that there was no cyst, and no evidence of a uterine polyp.  However  at  day 10 my endometrial lining was at only 3 mm, so this cycle too was cancelled.

I just got back from the dentist to find that I have to have another tooth extracted and dental implant (For those of you who don't know me, I am not in my 70's although I may feel like it sometimes).   I will probably only be able to get this done after my vacation - and I can't imagine that would be good to do during conception - So I guess I have to wait till April for my next IUI.

Hopefully I will have been able to wean Sage a little more by then - which might improve my endometrial lining - (as will, not having to fight off my infected tooth).  I am so resisting weaning her. It makes me so sad to think she won't be able to feed from me.  Its just that I had such a hard time fighting with bouts of mastitis, now that all is easy (I went gluten free) I want to be able to comfort her when she wakes in the night.

I can't stand the thought (worry) of not being able to get pregnant again in addition to stopping feeding her before she is ready.  She does love food - its just that as she insists on feeding herself and very little actually goes down!

On the positive side I suppose I have to concentrate on the thought of being pain free - but do any of you have thoughts about using cadaver bone for my dental implant?  It totally freaks me out.