Sunday, December 29, 2013

broken record IUI no 8

I haven't been able to plant my magic seeds for the last 6 months - and this is unfortunate because in a few weeks I turn 43, and my eggs are getting very stale.

I was held up by a number of factors, moving house, a request on my part for a test for uterine polyps which the doctor miss timed, losing me another cycle, then the need for surgery to remove polyp (turned out to be scar tissue), my inability to wean my daughter, signing up with a new acupuncturist who assured me my pulse was too weak and I could never hold a pregnancy etc.  Then last cycle she was checking me over and had given the all clear to go ahead, when I mentioned something about a pulse in my stomach.

I had always noticed this pulse after implantation in the lower back and navel and assumed it had something to do with being pregnant (I had it all through my pregnancy with Sage).  Turns out she said it was extremely bad and meant my adrenals are totally out of whack.  I was a bit shocked she had never picked this up before, (as my pills and potions lady always goes on about my adrenals being stressed) - How did I never mention it!  So that cycle too was canceled.

After going nearly 3 times a week for two months for acupuncture, - I have (spent a lot of money - but less than IVF with no insurance) and as usual have had a very stressful life.  This last cycle the acupuncturist said I was still not ready.  I was so upset.

Acupuncturist off on holiday and office closed - I was surprised to get a text message from her on christmas day, saying she had changed her mind and if it wasn't too late I should try!  Actually I was a bit pissed off.

I can only assume she consulted her oracle and it told her waiting another month would probably be worse!

So in two months of acupuncture, I have managed to start sleeping much better - through the night sometimes, my geographic tongue has not been better (in the last 3 years) and life has gotten a little easier.  Whether this makes me a baby or not remains to be seen.

When I went in to the clinic the day after my OPK surge, I knew I had already ovulated the night before.  Doc could not find a dominate follicle, so supposed I was correct, and my progesterone was just where it should be - so 15 hours after ovulation I was given IUI number 8!

Prayers please!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Upsetting words

After having sat out my last two cycles (because the acupuncturist said they could not possibly work - and having spent a small fortune on acupuncture), I am finally getting ready to plant the magic seed again! (and of course Sage is still not completely weaned) We are down to just 3 times a day!

My mother is staying with us.  She arrived uninvited for Christmas (I did invite her to come either before christmas - or January), but no, so things are a tad stressful.

I got particularly upset when I related to my mother that the palm reader had told me I would be giving birth before the next year is out and she said "well anyway I don't think it makes any difference to me if you have a boy or a girl, because I most likely won't be here (i.e. alive) anyway."  and continued "don't you think it's really irresponsible for you to have another child when you have absolutely no-one to rely on should you get sick.

Many hours spent crying.