Saturday, July 13, 2013

4 days post IUI

Yesterday morning at least - Definitely pregnant!

Having not been able to take a nap in the afternoon the proceeding day I found it very hard to wake up in the morning.  Nanny left the house with Sage and again I wanted to get back into bed.  I decided however I would eat some chocolate mousse first.  The night before I had made two recipies - the first of which I sadly screwed up (because I decided to wildly change the recipe - the second was for my chocolate mouse.  I was dismayed to find I must have screwed this one up too - or were the eggs too old - perhaps I forgot the sugar?  I was about to put all my little pots in the trash, when I decided I would wait and ask Nanny on her return, to see if anything could be salvaged.

I was really feeling quite pathetic with no impetus to do anything at all, save go back to bed, until the phone rang with a very important phone call which jerked me into action.  Suddenly I felt pregnant no longer.  I wondered whether not being under the gun was actually a bad thing, perhaps I was only feeling pregnant because I wasn't busy enough?

Then I remembered a rather depressing article I read which said it is scientifically impossible to feel any signs of pregnancy before implantation has taken place - earliest this could happen 5 days post ovulation.  It made me feel rather stupid taking all the time to write this blog - and an extreme hypochondriac for noting twice the ailments I have recorded here for you guys to read!

Nanny came home and thought the mousse was as good as ever.  Just the same as usual.  I was ecstatic because at about 9 or 10 days post IUI with my pregnancy with Sage, I got back from an out of town visit to find that my Nutella did not taste very good.  I never ate another bite of chocolate the whole pregnancy!

I enjoyed the sate of extreme happiness and excitement over being Definitely Pregnant, for about two hours, before rushing to my acupuncture appointment.  She said the pulse on my left side was good, and on my right weak.  (I ovulated on my left side, and this was the side that supported my pregnancy with Sage - don't know if this means anything).  Anyway it was definitely better than the time two weeks ago when she told me to leave this cycle without IUI because she could/t find one of my (6) pulses at all!

Got home - and can you guess?  Was feeling so much better after the acupuncture - I thought I must be pregnant no longer.  So I had to test - the infallible chocolate mousse pregnancy barometer test!  Oh NO.  It tasted OK - much better than in the morning, but not great.  What does this mean?  NO IDEA.  Perhaps hormones change throughout the day.

Fell into bed at night.  Legs ached 8 out of 10.  I was just beginning to think perhaps I just have achy legs and should go see the doctor, when I concentrated very hard on my pains, and realized they emanated from the left upper side of my uterus, went into the small of my back, and there was that odd pulse again, and down into my feet.   Found myself worrying vaguely that there was a blockage in my fallopian tube.  My grandmother nearly died of such, and then I fell asleep.

Just another 262 days?


  1. It is PHYSICALLY impossible for an embryo to give you symptoms that you are pregnant this early. The first days there are no hormones being made, no connections going on, just a little cells dividing away.

    BUT, that doesn't mean your intuition can't tell your body that you're pregnant. I think there's a whole lot more to this whole baby making process than science will ever be able to understand. I knew I was pregnant the night of my IUI with Finn, and I KNEW it was going to be a boy. (I told one friend this so I'd have proof I knew, but I never told anyone else, not even my blog!)

    Fingers crossed that your symptoms keep on going for weeks and weeks and weeks!

  2. Even if it's impossible, I've heard of others who knew. I think it's fascinating, so I'm glad you're sharing with us.

    For the record, I was convinced I was NOT pregnant in my successful cycle (and had no clue with the others, except one where I thought I might be... and they were all BFNs).

    I think if you feel strongly enough to tell us all about it, then you probably are pregnant.

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