Tuesday, April 26, 2011

early pregnancy symptoms / worry

My mother assures me that when I was in her tommy, she did not have Even ONE day feeling under the weather - despite spending hours jumping around on ski slopes!  I have not been so lucky.  I am now about 5 weeks and 4 or 5 days, and for some time now, have felt generally nauseated, famished and exhausted most if the time (and I only seem to want to eat lemon and pepper chicken!)

I am convinced that I actually felt the conception - not in my tommy, but in the form of a "sizzle in the tit" specifically in my left tit!  Needless to say my tits have been Extremely painful from the very beginning.  Yesterday I had to lie down at the chiropractor, and had to restrain myself from squealing when he pressed down on my shoulder blades - because my tits were being SO squished!

At five days after home insemination, I felt what I think was implantation / boring into my uterus.  The following day I had a speck of brown blood. And the subsequent day I felt more boring / digging into my uterus at the exact same place, So I figured my embryo was getting a good hold onto life, but now I am wondering - could there be two!  After all I did have two big O's !

My first HCG at 11 or 12 days post ovulation was 38.4, my second at 20 / 21 was over 3000.  The nurse said "congratulations - I guess the holiday did you some good." That evening I was having so many cramps I began to worry whether something might be wrong, only to wake up the next morning and find that I felt perfectly normal - and definitely felt NOT pregnant, and the urge to urinate and the "plugged up feeling" had gone. 

I was so relieved to hear that they would do a third beta (which actually was quite unnecessary) but it calmed me down NO END to get another set of good results.  I guess each day brings something different.  Day 24 / 25  beta over was over 15 000.  So now I realize that with pregnancy there is ALWAYS something to worry about.  Too much pain - no pain - exhaustion.  And now,  I checked my beta values and found that although they fall within the upper ranges of singleton - they are higher than average for twins - and bang on average for triplets!!!

Oh Dear God - "Give me one baby or two, but NOT Triplets!"  I warn everyone now, I will do some very awful things if there are Three in my tommy.  I have only two hands, two bank accounts, and two tits!!

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last post.  Now, when I bump into my Dog's best friend's mother,  I will have the self confidence to smile, wave hello - and walk boldly on!

In conclusion to the last post, she actually called and left a phone message, which it took me 3 days to summon the courage to listen to.  She said "HI Sarah, I just want to to know, I really do hope you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and I Hope it's Everything you Think you Wanted, but I really can't handle your  passive aggressive personality, so Good LUCK to you.... Click"

Thanks so much to everyone for their support, I understand now that she must be extremely unhappy - and probably she wants a baby of her own, but doesn't realize it.  Fortunately, she has ended our friendship, so we can both make space for something more rewarding!


  1. Wow! There's a lot of information here.

    First, WOOHOO!!! Congrats on your super-duper beta numbers!

    Second, dont stress too much about multiples... from what I've read, beta numbers don't always indicate how many babies are in there. When's your first u/s?

    And for doggie-friend-bitch... seriously? Does she know the definition of passive aggressive? Because that message was absolutely passive aggressive. Please, don't give her further thought. And definitely don't give her another moment of your time. She is obviously extremely unhappy and wants to bring everyone nearby down with her.

  2. YOUR passive aggressive personality? LOL! Like BB said, she's a living example of passive agressive!

    Betas REALLY don't indicate how many babies are in there. The same time I had my betas, there was a woman a week ahead of me with nearly identical betas to mine (with in 10 points for both 14 and 16dpIUI). She has triplets, I have one. So don't worry too much! :)

  3. I agree with the others, don't worry about the beta. Or rather, if it's fun to think about, enjoy it. But don't stress it.

    My beta was higher than the average for TRIPLETS... and I had transferred two 5-day blasts, so I had about a 25% chance of twins... and nope, I have a singleton girl (unless they keep missing a twin, which I have this sneaking suspicion about every now and then... but that's VERY unlikely and just my goofiness... the RE searched long and hard before declaring my girl a singleton.)

    And yes, when I announced my pregnancy, one of the women on the listserve said, "welcome to the 35 week wait!"

    You just worry all the time... so try to make light of it, and not stress too much. What will be, will be, whether we worry or not. But much easier said than done!

    If it helps, I found the first trimester to be the hardest for worrying. Once I was more visibly pregnant (at least to people in the know), and also felt better, things were easier. And once the halfway point and the second ultrasound, easier still... and now that I am technically past the viability point (though far too soon for health), I am much more relaxed. But that may change again! I haven't had any crazy pregnancy dreams in quite a while -- I expect those may start soon, as I'm realizing that it looks like I might, yikes, actually have a baby one of these days!

    As for your stupid dog owner acquaintance... lucky for you that SHE ended the friendship! so now she has to bear any discomfort that may result. you are off scott-free! she sounds like a person you are glad to be done with. and i'm glad to hear that you aren't feeling sad about it. that's great!

    congratulations again!

    25w3d with a girl

  4. holy cow - triplets. We keep talking about the possibility of twins, and triplets has come up a time or two. I think I might lose my mind with triplets - twins are fine, but I think that having more babies than hands could be difficult.

    But you know what - if it is three, you will do awesome, and besides, as long as they are healthy things will work out wonderfully. You can sleep when you die right? :)

    So happy for you!

  5. Try not to worry about triplets. I'm sure it'll be fine 1, 2, or 3.

    Your dogs best friends mother is an complete jerk. Unbelievable. Does she somehow think she knows what's best in life for everyone?

    Make sure you wave and smile when you walk by her house with your triplet stroller next year ;0)

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