Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7 weeks 4 days utrasound

I was so nervous about this first ultrasound I could not fall asleep for my obligatory 3 hour afternoon nap.  The doc was late but finally arrived and she got her magic wand in place.

Truth be told I have been feeling so awful recently, that I have sworn to myself that I will never ever try to get pregnant again.  There is just something about feeling constantly sick and exhausted that makes any life seem unnecessary and pointless.  I think I may also have been a little depressed.  I have spent most of my hours lying asleep in bed or comatose in front of the TV or trying to think of ways to avoid doing anything.

My only other activity has been that of praying for TWINS - call me naive - I know they are a huge amount of work.  And I have just figured out that if there was a fire in my house - it would be very difficult to run out of the house Fast with Two babies.

Anyway - It seems God has better sense than I did.  It appears that I have One Healthy Baby - I am greatly relieved - and it may even arrive in time for Christmas.  My mom says I should be extremely thankful I got such a cheap blessing - total costs so far (excluding unused sperm in storage) - is only $3700.  I am SO happy I didn't have to pay for IVF.  But it is such a pity I didnt have three - one for keeps - one to give away - and one to sell on ebay!

I am of course so overjoyed to know my dream of being a mother is coming true - Dr Uncommunicative wants to see me again in two weeks, which will be just a week before my nuchal scan - I can only imagine it's about the money.  She did manage to tell me though that the heart rate was normal at 161 - and give me two ultrasound photos.  However for anyone not experienced in these sort of things - it really does look like a receipt from the supermarket gone wrong - so much so that BABY has to be labelled - you would not know it  otherwise.  None the less I am growing very fond of the photos - and no doubt in a few days I with own nothing with more sentimental value!

In the mean while, it all seems so unbelievable.  Actually the last few days have been feeling substantially better and I have found that ice cream  definitely reduces the nausea - and remarkably I still have one pair of jeans that fit me just fine - but not for long I think!


  1. Sorry you're feeling so miserable, but I'm so happy that everything is going well otherwise.

    Thank God for ice cream!

  2. congratulations on your great (healthy) ultrasound!

  3. Sounds awesome. I'll take your supermarket reciept over mine any day. I'll take your fertility bill too. That's really what the doctor wants to see you about, you haven't given them near enough month. I'm fairly certain I won't be able to afford kids once I'm finally pregnant.

  4. Awesome news! And it's strange how after some time with the baby you forget about how horrible you felt while pregnant, and giving birth, and suddenly you really do want to do it all again, and pay for it all again. Mine was supposed to be a Christmas baby (due Dec 23) but he arrived early (Dec 9) which is fine with me :) Congrats!

  5. I also wanted twins! (but probably is better I only have one..)
    Glad the u/s went well.

  6. Lemon Pepper Chicken, that cracked me up! I swear, what you crave when you are pregnant gives you insight into the personality of your child. You better watch out with this one :-). I remember wanting nothing but warm tapioca pudding .

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU. So ridiculously, hold-my-breath-can-hardly-believe-it happy. Lots of naps, is all I can suggest. Nothing worked for me for the nausea and exhaustion. Ginger tea maybe?

  7. I hope you start to feel a bit better and can enjoy the pregnancy more. I've heard that it calms down after the first trimester. Ice cream for nausea seems like someone out there MUST like you! your comment on twins made me laugh so hard (we've been hoping that when we're successful it's twins). Congrats again!