Sunday, April 3, 2011

Office Insemination with Cold Sperm

On Thursday night I fell asleep quietly confident that my home swimmers would have met their target on time  (previous post).  I was somewhat surprised to awake very early the following morning, to the distinct impression that my other ovary was ovulating (the follicle measured at 18 on Wed).  I was delighted to know that in a few hours I would have my IUI.

I waltzed into the RE's office (actually I nearly overslept it - but I got there) and Dr Uncommunicative looked very pleased to see me.  Oddly I think she has decided she finds me quite amusing, and although she never tells me anything informative, I really do like her very much.   It turns out that apparently I had some of the "finest" sperm she had ever seen.  57 million sperm at 100% motility. Yay! Just what I needed to hear. Some good little swimmers.

She then inseminated me - and it hurt when she tried to get thought the cervix (because I had already ovulated Twice  - but I didn't mention this), and she "placed" the 57 mil very COLD sperm into the uterus.  It was odd to feel a chill from inside - and it stayed with me for quite some hours! She told me how happy she was that I had responded so well to the drugs - and that FSH (level of 20) doesn't count for too much theses days. Well well - we will see!

I mentioned that I had done three acupuncture appointments a week for the last two weeks (I ended up settling on the really cheap acupuncturist who is good, and easy to get an appointment with - but doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidentiality - she has even told people in the waiting room what I am there for - discretely of course - but I know!), and Dr Uncommunicative  said - "I am sure the acupuncture has helped - you have had such good numbers". (Of course she didn't think to tell me what they were - and I was trying to be an easy patient so I didn't ask.  After all if this IUI doesn't work I am never going back there and I will be running to CCRM, and I will retrieve the latest notes  before going! And numbers aren't going to change anything now).

Then I told her how at the monitoring session Dr China had told me I was just "so old my hormones were all over the place".  She loved hearing that the other Doc had messed up, and she said "well if he were to say that to his wife - I am sure she would slap him!".  Then I explained that I had not been upset for the reason that, later the exact same day, the Dude from across the road who can only be about 20 -22 asked me out on a date.  He said "if you would like to get together to practice some yoga - or go to the mountains!!!!!"  If only he was not quite so skinny I might have been tempted to be a little less sensible!

It really was very flattering, even though I realize that living with his mother and senile aunt he is desperate to away from his family.  But surely he would want to get a bit further than - the next house over?

Now I try not to notice that my TITS really do HURT - Is it the Twins or the Ovadril?  I peed on my first pregnancy test just to watch the two lines come up (one for each twin) - I know its the Ovadril - but it sure was a good feeling.  It can happen.  Now I have to get to work - I fly to he Big City to work with the Big Company - and am not really sure I am up to the task.  The acupuncturist said "no stress" - but the twins will have to decide now if they want to sign on or not - because this is the way my life is.  Stressy.


  1. I haven't officially started TTC, but I sure hope that I have your sense of humor when I do! Good luck to you!

  2. It sounds like your ICI was easier than the IUI, and more enjoyable. If things work out this cycle, which I really hope they do, you should just start your own clinic.

    You should think twice about the neighbor. He could be a good source of cheap young sperm.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments. I appreciate your supportive words.

    Best wishes to you this cycle...I am rooting for you!!