Monday, April 11, 2011

Pregnancy test Entertainment 11 pt ICI 10 pt IUI

Yesterday I was not able to do a test because I had run out of cheap tests, and I refused to by an expensive (while out of town) , and besides the day was far too full without the excitement / disappointment of testing.

Today, was another matter.  I awoke in the night to ravenous pangs of hunger, and my tits really are painful - by any standards. Incidentally last night I delved into my jar of Nutella, and found no particular desire to have another spoonful! Very Odd

Pregnancy test Result -  I have no idea.  After 40 minutes of scrutinizing the "6 days early test" (for me either 4 or 5 days early) I still have No Idea.  Even after subjecting it to a further dose of urine, is still Could be positive or Could be negative.  Even after keeping it in my handbag and searching for the line under different shades of lights, in the car at a traffic light, in the store, (privately) during a boring meeting  - Still Not Sure.

I asked a trusted friend to tell me what she thought.  She looked at me with sadness and pity when she said "I'm sorry, its definitely negative."  My acupuncturist was more positive, she said "I can see the line but its not very strong".

One would think a fail safe Early test would be a little easier to read.  What they really should advertise, is "will provide hours of entertainment, and controversy for all friends and family".

Tomorrow I am hoping to get away for a few days at the beach.  I really don't want to have to come home just to get a progesterone prescription if I do turn out to be pregnant.- so I will get the Real Blood test taken tomorrow.  If I am NOT pregnant - I might just decide to keep on with the progesterone a little longer - and enjoy the holiday I deserve - so i don't arrive home too late for day 3 tests!

Fingers crossed.


  1. Please tell me you kept it in a bag ;0)

    I think if you can see any line that's a good sign. Fingers crossed.

  2. If you think you can see a line, you probably can! The only negative is pure white space, not even a hint of a line. Are you testing tomorrow? Don't drink anything tonight so you'll be nice and dehydrated in the morning for good concentrated pee.

    Fingers and toes and legs are all crossed!!!

  3. Good Luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a strong positive tomorrow!