Saturday, April 2, 2011

defrosted donor and the Big O

A good friend of mine told me "When you do injectables you WILL feel yourself ovulate" She was right.  This was my first cycle with injectables.  After a scare about ovulating too early (on day 7) my RE kept me on 75 mils daily of gonal F (having done Femara days 3-7).

On day CD 8 (Thurs) - I had 4 eggs developing, three in the left ovary (10 -8- 6) and one in the right (8).  On CD 11 (Mon) at monitoring I had a total of only one follicle measuring at (18), everything on the left had disappeared.  The Doc said that given my FSH of 20 we were lucky to get anything at all.  Day 13 showed that there were three follicles again, two on the right (25 & 11) and one on the left (18).

Around CD 12 (Tues) I started to notice, if I may say so, some rather superior (egg white) cervical mucus!   I felt sure my insemination would be very soon.

My RE's office is the only one I have heard of that judges ovulation based on progesterone levels (Having spoken to three other doctors from different clinics I understand that this is indeed an unusual method).  It may be a good way to judge ovulation, but for me, I have noticed that I ovulate sooner (and at a lower progesterone level) than I was expected to, and then my progesterone rises faster.

I was sure that my insemination would be Thurs when I was told Wed of my follicle at 25 (would this be mili or trili centimeters?).  After having my blood work done I bustled off to work,  thinking I was waiting for the call back to inseminate. Sitting in my chair at 903 - I felt myself ovulate - an intense throbbing pain - followed by complete relief and nothingness - on the side of my super special egg!

A few hours later the nurse called to tell me there would be no insemination today just an ovadril injection.   I told her that I had already ovulated.  She said simply "the Doc wants you to come in tomorrow."

Although my nurse is very nice - I want to say Smiley - she is very difficult to talk to when I say or ask anything unusual or unexpected.  Often she will just repeat whatever she said before - even if it makes no sense.  I realized that there would be no changing the date of my insemination - It is impossible for me to even speak to or have any meaningful conversation with my Dr. Uncommunicative - and she has obviously well chosen nurses that suit her style.

Of course all of this happened at a time at which I was in the midst of a very stressful project at work - that I had to be present for.  At the first possible moment - having formulated my PLAN, I went running over to the Infertility (or is it a Fertility?) clinic to find the head of lab.

I am afraid I was in such a rush, I did not even have time to call ahead (the garage at work doesn't have cell phone reception - and there is no privacy at my work).  I explained about my (very convenient) anxiety disorder (which is self diagnosed of course) and told her how worried I was that I might have ovulated, and how in order to ease my concern, I would like to have the vial of ICI which they have for precisely this reason  - to help ease my stress levels!

To my surprise she gave it to me.  I rushed home and self inseminated.  (She did look a little thoughtful when I told her of my follicle at 25 - and that they still wanted to wait!).  All I can say is that for anyone who has not done at home insemination (which I have not) - there is hardly ANY stuff / sperm at all. You could easily lose the vial, or drop it.  Hope I got it in the right place.  The good news is that I didn't try to eat it! - got the right orifice anyway. The dog did give it a good sniff and he got to lick the empty vial.  I want him to know where the baby comes from - hopefully he will recognize the scent!

Then I did a little standing on my shoulders - and kept legs elevated - Oh yes and I did the obligatory Big O.  Now I have seen a lot of reasons stated in the literature for doing this both before and after - like it changes your chemistry - or whatever.  But I was in too much of a rush to do any O before.  I knew that I was already running late. The egg may only live 6 hours - but can go as long as 24 ( usually 12, I think).  Anyway the little swimmers take quite some time 6-7 hours to get to their destination - so I was just on the edge of being out of time.

But now I will tell you the three most important reasons for doing the Big Orgxxx.   Firstly (and least importantly) it relaxes the mind.  Secondly (and most importantly) it brings heat, energy and blood to the area - And this opens places that need swimmers and closes off other openings - so nothing / less falls out! Thirdly (and most conveniently) it makes it much easier to fall asleep on your back in an awkward position (for four hours - to give the swimmers the best chance).  I decided to be on the floor with feet against the wall / bed  

Of course I said a few prayers for the spermies - and my eggs - and gave thanks to my Donor -and bargained with God a little.  "If you God give me a baby.... then I will......   forgive you for not finding me a handsome hubby!" OK so then, I decided that as impatient as I am I want two good eggs  and two children - and twins would be just fine.  So I thought it would be fair to have Two Big Os - one for each child.  Then just to be sure,  I had a third!

Being somewhat of the impatient type (and being very hungry because in all the panic I had forgotten to eat lunch)  I bailed at two hours. I placed a cervical cup over the cervix - hoping to retain few million sperm - and beetled back to work!  What was most difficult, was wanting to tell people what I had been doing all afternoon.  Thankfully  I managed to act like an adult and Not say a Word except "a somewhat  unusual and stressful afternoon".


  1. LMAO at this post! At the same time, I'm so disappointed that the sperm coordinator at my doc's office was such a pain in the ass, and you couldn't have had a properly timed IUI there instead.

    Let's hope the big O's helped overcome the drawbacks of the IUI, and you'll be getting a BFP in 2 weeks - congrats on being PUPO!

  2. You're amazing and hilarious. I would have went home and cried. You really are doing this on your own.

    Did you end up going for monitoring and confirm the ovulation?