Thursday, March 24, 2011

You can give this one a miss. Don't read this if you want to have a good day.

One of the less wonderful things about meeting people who are pregnant, is that they often tell you their secret remedies as to why "it worked" for them.  This is something that its good to know - but I noticed myself losing my calm the other day when a young mother told me "Well its because - you know - I started eating really healthy" Thats fine, because I too eat healthily.  Then she told me -  "And I started going to a chiropractor".  Me too.  "Oh and before we decided to conceive - I went to an acupuncturist twice."  Well I have Two acupuncturists and will have had 3 appointments THIS WEEK.  They may have chilled me out  (a little) - but I'm still jealous as hell.

And for some odd reason I decided to pee on the OPK just before going to bed last night (CD day 6).  Why would I do that?  I am still bleeding.  I got that lovely smiley face.  Great!  Now I can't sleep.  What will I do with an egg on day 7?  Put it in storage?  Even if the egg is good - my lining won't be ready.  So now I have screwed up Another Cycle.

And there is an animal in my bedroom wall. Tap tap tap tap tap.  It has even stopped my dog from sleeping.  Any guesses - rat, mouse, bat, squirrel - something worse?

What will I tell them at the RE's office. OK I did start to take the injectables a couple days early.  But two other doctors told me to!  And I tried my best to switch away from this doctor.  Pray to god they don't look at my stomach.  Last night I jabbed myself about 5 times - long story.  Will have to say its acupuncture needles.  I am a crap lier.

I am losing my Faith.  Faith that there is a reason for this life, that good things happen. That people are supposed to enjoy life.  They don't, take a look in Japan.


  1. Hang in there. What injections are you on? Is it possible one of them caused a false positive on the OPK. Talk to your RE and see if there's a reason why you might be ovulating so early.

  2. "Pray to god they don't look at my stomach. Last night I jabbed myself about 5 times - long story."

    This made me laugh!! :)