Thursday, March 17, 2011

Witch in the Andrology lab!

Having found communications a little difficult at my RE's office,  I recently went for a consult with a new doctor (this was before the telephone consult I wrote of in my last post with CCRM). This new doctor is in my home town and came extremely well recommended by a friend.  I really liked the new doctor and the nurses at the new office.  After some hesitations - (I hate doing anything new - even using a new bathroom etc!) I finally decided to make the switch to the new office.

I had wanted to do another natural cycle at the old office - but after failing to ovulate - and losing my patience, I decided to take the plunge and pump the pills under the nurturing and "easy to talk to" care offered by the new office.

I called them to enquire how I would go about transferring to them my vials (of donor sperm).  It turns out, that the head of the andrology lab - is literally Quite Impossible.  Unfortunately when we first tried to connect, she was on vacation, then I was.  After leaving a couple messages, she took two days to get back to me, then a further day and half to email me the forms (I had offered to pick them up)  but she had said "I have other patients to attend to first".  Then she said "I can start the process but I can't promise that we will get them in time for your insemination".

At this point I asked her how long she thought it would take, offering if necessary I could overnight a new vial from the other side of the country, (so they don't have to walk across the road to my old RE's office to collect the vials I already have in storage).  She told me that his would be just as complicated, and she would not accept Just Any sperm mailed to her!  I explained that I could not start taking medication if I didn't know if the vials would be there on time.  She wouldn't even give me an idea of how long this would take other than "We have forms to sign, procedures to go through and standards to achieve, and we are very proud of these at our clinic".

Then the icing on the cake came, when I showed up with my forms signed and notarized the next morning.  (I had to run over to my friendly lawyer at the crack of dawn and explain to him and his entire office staff why own donor sperm vials).  In actual fact it turned out any of the lab staff could have signed / notarized my forms  (but Madam Witch wanted to make it difficult for me).  When she looked at my paperwork she said "you are only supposed to have 3 vials, not five".  It turns out she had already called my old RE's office, and informed them that I was leaving their office, and obtained the individual reference numbers on each vial, without my consent!

I explained to her that my friend had "gifted" me two further vials.  (We have all the paperwork notarized  for that too).  In actual fact the storage fees are so prohibitive that my friend was not sure she could afford to keep the vials frozen (she has just delivered the cutest baby).  Since each vial is so extremely small, and I have a right to store as many as I want - for a set fee,  I offered to store my friends vials for her, while she decides what to do with them.   Madam Witch however had probably guessed what was going on.  She informed me "I can't deal with this. I can't have those vials here, they are not yours.  It is not Legal for her to gift them to you.  I will have to have our legal department look into it before we do anything further with this".

So now, my old office knows I wanted to leave them, the new office won't take my sperm (in any time for an insemination).  And a very well meaning nurse at the new office told me that if I didn't ovulate last month- I probably won't ever get a period!  Apparently I have to take medication for 10 days - and two weeks after that it will give me a period! Lets wait Another month!  And slightly upsettingly,  I just learn that another friend, tells me she just LOVEs (the Witch in the Andrology lab) saying "she has been just like a mother to me"- but perhaps her mother isn't that nice to her?

Perhaps its all a big sign that I need to learn to have patience and pray for a new day - perhaps even a new week or a new month!  It seems like I will be staying with the old doctors office after all, unless I want to battle with the Witch!  It seems accepting a gift has cost me!  I guess I will just have to say something diplomatic at the old doctors office, like "I found out I had better insurance coverage than I realised".


  1. I used to work with a girl who always said 'nothing is easy'. I thought she was just negative, turns out she was right.

    Hang in there, things will work out.

  2. I hate to hear about this... in everything I've heard in dealing with this assisted world of TTC, I've never heard that the andrology lab was the problem they left a clinic. That's awful! Personally, I'd be sure to write up a politically correct complaint to the doctor about your experience. They need to know why they are losing patients!

    As for your friend who you are doing a favor with the vials... you've got to look out for your interests first. That's all I'll say about that.

  3. She can be a difficult woman to work with, but it's because she's so anal that things go smoothly. Call the nurse line and leave a message for Dr. M asking if he'd be willing to accept the vials that are definitely yours and then worry about the other 3 later. I bet he would (he told me I could order from any cryobank I wanted to, even though P said they'd only order from the two). And you may also want to check with P and see if she's going ahead and working on getting the 3 vials transferred that do belong to you anyway. It may be that she meant the other two weren't going to be transferred. (I've heard of other people having trouble getting vials from other people transferred to a new clinic - it shouldn't be a problem, but it is!)

  4. Oops, I meant worry about the other 2 later!

  5. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm now following you too. But not in a stalkerish way. ;-)

    So sorry to hear you are having trouble with your vials. I haven't run into that problem at my clinic but I am having trouble finding a back up donor. Whole other kind of story.

    I agree with Shannon. Get those 3 taken care of first then worry about the other 2. That way you can get started and work on getting the others there while you're busy at the clinic.