Friday, March 18, 2011

Witch in the Andrology lab update

I want to thank everyone for their support and suggestions.  It really means a lot to me to know that guys were there for me!  I would like the record to state that I really did have a little bit too much on my plate today - as well as having a difficult a day at work.  

I wrote a conciliatory email stating the facts clearly to the Witch to see if we could work something / anything out.  I called the nurses line but couldn't get through to a person so had to leave a message.  The nurse took a while to get back to me - it turns out she had been busy speaking to the Witch.  When I asked if I could forward a copy the email to the doctor or leave a message with him (the nurse was actually extremely nice), she said that she would be more than able to convey the message herself ( I did not feel up to being insistent as I could feel there was no hope).  Clearly the Witches Wish is Law at that clinic.  No cycles as No vial would be able to be in place by day three - which is Sunday!

The good news is that my period has started full flow!  No more waiting - and I am going to pop all the pills and potions I can get my hands on!

The Bad news was that I nearly found myself without Any doctor at all!  When I first spoke to the Witch I asked her how long transferring the vials might take.  I did not get a clear answer - other than "forms procedures, ethics etc".  What she did say was that she would SEND me some forms.  I figured I would fill them in - see if I could get everything in place, and if all looked good, go ahead with switching doctors. What She did, in fact was to call my doctors office and inform them that I was leaving their practice - and I have the proof of this (and the lab girl told me)- as she obtained vial freezing dates (and other useless info on that is not anywhere in my notes).  Perhaps she wanted to check the International Stolen Sperm Vial Registry!  Then two days later she refused to accept me or my vials to her clinic.

So this left me in the difficult position of calling the old doctors (like I normally do) to make a day 3 appointment.  Only no one called me back.  This is when I knew something was wrong.   I was getting really worried,   that they were offended because they could see in the computer that I wanted to leave, (it was a friday today - and I have to get the day 3 test done).  Then I got an idea.  I called the head of andrology (at my original clinic), because she nearly always answers the phone, AND she writes really detailed notes which go into the computer!

When I had surreptitiously got a copy of my notes (before getting my second opinion(s)  I had been shocked to see that she had actually quoted (well not correctly) my exact words in her records.  She was out of the lab, but I spoke to her colleague who informed me that Yes the nurses had already called her to ask what was going on with my vials! and they were not at all sure what to do with me. Apparently they were busy trying to contact my (uncommunicative doctor)  who was just getting back from vacation? to explain that I had tried to leave, but now didn't want to (or wasn't accepted by other lab).  So I explained to the lab assistant - how I hadn't been sure if I wanted to transfer  at all - I had never actually made the decision to go ahead - the Witch had instigated the transfer, not me - I had only wanted a second opinion - and how much I love Doctor Uncommunicative - and how she had been so good to me with giving free samples etc.

Two hours later I got a call from Dr Uncommunicative's nurse.  And guess what - I do love her more than ever now- she will still have me as a patient!

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