Monday, March 14, 2011

CCRM IVF consult

This is the telephone appointment that I have been putting off for months.  I don't imagine anyone likes to face up to the reality of  having to flush $25 thousand for a baby, when most people get one for free with few good orgasms.

It takes 7 weeks to get a new patient appointment at CCRM, and whenever I had an appointment  - it always ended up being rescheduled (Last time it was my fault.  I delayed because I hoodwinked myself into believing that the reason I was not getting pregnant was psychological - I decided I should rearrange my house to make space for the baby - thinking that then my body would be able to create the space for me to get pregnant naturally!) - Turns out I was partly onto something.  My uterus filled up with junk - a polyp, which has now been removed.
It was a delight to talk to Dr S.  He was so good at answering my questions clearly, and speaking to me so I could understand his thinking.  He told me that although I have not had much opportunity to get pregnant (being So good at getting my past boyfriends to use condoms - why did I ever listen to my mother!).  Considering my situation - age 40, with FSH over 14, and about 5-6 follicles I should begin right away! "What if I were to wait  6 months and you have an FSH of 18" - that would not be good.

If anyone is unsure about whether to have an IVF consult - DO IT.  I wish I had done this sooner.  And It does seem that CCRM are going to do a number of tests that would not normally be done at my RE office.

I was also surprised and quite reassured that the Doc was not overly positive - and seemed quite conservative in his estimation.  This made me trust him.  He said "We just need to talk about getting you one child - I don't know that you would be likely to have any embryos left over to freeze".

When I asked about DHEA, he suggested that I take it - but said I would stop taking it when they start stimulating the ovaries.

However I have decided I will try just one IUI cycle in my home town (with my new polyp free uterus), with either natural insemination or with injectables.  I have to make up my mind soon.  Oh dear oh dear.  I am a little worried that if I do injectables I will get another cyst - and that this will delay me further.  Most importantly,  I am desperate for a fix.  I want to know I have at least the chance to get pregnant SOON.  Sitting out the last 2 cycles (surgery & funky hormones) has been really really hard.

Last thing.  As I am single (and am using donor sperm) I have to have Another psych consult!  I already see a counselor weekly (well perhaps that is a sign I'm crazy) and have also done an independent consult (mainly to reassure my mother). ((And for the record she actually ENCOURAGED me to go right ahead and not waste any time!)) Do they make couples do this too? Or is it because they suspect there is something wrong with a single woman, if no man would wish to marry her?  Surely one has to be more sane to admit that one has not met a husband worth marrying, than many people are when they marry because they are too scared to undo the engagement - or just desperate to get a husband.  And lets not forget that probably 50% of the world was conceived by accident!

I suppose though the Doc is only doing what he thinks is best - or to cover their butts!.  After all I could be OctoMomCrazy - and it might not show up properly on the telephone!  It could of course also have something to do with the fact that I did mention the possibility of selling a baby on the internet if I didn't take to motherhood - But he was the one who said FIRST that said I might be happy with just One baby  - or might find I wasn't so keen on being a mother (not his words exactly, but something to that effect).  Does anyone know - does he have one kid too many?

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  1. Another psych consult? Seriously?

    You know my vote is for an injectables cycle!