Monday, August 26, 2013

surgery is awesome news!

Having tried 3 natural IUIs with No success my mother was  insisting that there "must" be something wrong - not with my eggs (age 42.5) or with my hugely elevated FSH (around 17) or my lack of AMH (0.16) but with my uterus.  We did do a few ultrasounds mid cycle which showed nothing - and apparently polyps do not return too frequently!

Before I got pregnant with Sage I had 3 failed IUIs and then we found the uterine polyp - and Sage implanted on the next try.  So my mother insisted I must have another polyp.  At my last check in with Doc uncommunicative I requested a sonohystogram - Uterus filled with water on ultrasound.

Today we found a polyp just as my mother suggested.  Makes me feel so much more hopeful.  The Doc said she would try and fit me in her operating schedule on Wednesday, failing that after my next period.

She also said I could try the surgery without general anesthetic - I assured her that last time I lost my memory for weeks and didn't want to go through that again.  I asked her how much worse it could be than natural child birth?  She thought not - and will only last about 20 minutes.  I do plan to take 3 ibuprofen - and we might try to have an anesthetist on hand that is used to routinely doing  epidural!

Other news, we moved house at the weekend- to a better school district (and I have to get my moneys worth and make sure I get my second child).  The new house is the thing of which many people could only dream.  I woke up and saw three Bambi in the garden.

Two neighbors came over with gifts fitting a movie script.  One of these included 10 different gifts all of which I adored, cheese plate, crackers (gluten free) cheese board of the most gorgeous wood, cheese knives,  honey, honey dish, honey dispenser, gorgeous woven basket,  divine grapes, raspberries, and a gift for my daughter.

Back to unpacking boxes, and trying to get the printer to work!

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