Monday, June 10, 2013

The quickest way to get pregnant

I have always been a big believer in Sod's Law.  So when I confront my difficulties in getting pregnant I wanted to tackle the issue from all angles - including sod's law.  To this effect I have made quite sure to go out and buy new clothes that I know could not possibly fit me, should I ever become pregnant again.  If I am going to stay thin I might as well enjoy it,  right!  So I went shopping and was just about to buy the most expensive pair of jeans ever - until the sales man said "you look so hot in those - your husband won't be able to keep his hands off you" to which I replied " Husband? - I'll take two."

On the weaning front, we had our first night of screaming.  First ever.  I decided that I would let Sage  fall asleep at the breast but further feeds would have to be from the bottle, as apparently these feeds are the most detrimental to the cycle.  She sounded as though her world had ended and completely refused the bottle, batting it away with her hand and screaming NO.  She finally fell asleep crying. I was determined not to give in and produce my tit, as it is my strong belief that this will only encourage her to learn to be stubborn (and let's face it she wouldn't even accept the perfectly good goats milk she is happy to drink at other times).  I won, but neither of us slept too well.

When I recounted all of this to my mother, suggested that I explain to Sage why I won't let her feed.  To my surprise Sage seemed to understand somewhat, and even came to me with a picture on my iPhone of me with a very pregnant tommy.  The next night there was only a little bit of complaining but when I reminded her "Mama wants a baby so Sage has to help mama and drink from the bottle" We both got back to sleep within a matter of minutes.  Who would have thought that at 17.5 months she could understand something like that, I am so proud of her.

TOO much sharing? I don't know if it was the no feeding during the night - the acupuncture
- but I seem to have the most female mucus EVER,  Such a pity I have decided to leave this cycle fallow - but my ovulation will just be too late in the cycle, day 20.


  1. What a precious smile!! Good for you for being straight up with Sage. Sometimes we don't give them enough credit for what the can understand.

  2. Such a smart little girl!

    And I like your clothing plan. It's bound to work!

  3. I've never heard of Sod's Law but I think I've been practicing it. It doesn't really work for me.

    I love your mom's advice. Who would have thought you just needed to explain it to Sage.