Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting ready to pop the bun out of the oven - 37 and a half weeks!

I can't believe I've made it this far.  Still throwing up regularly and somehow still managing to make it into work.  But the good news is that luckily I have my lightest work schedule now for the whole year.  And I am determined that Baby is Not going to arrive before I have gotten through all my paperwork and my tax file is to hand in, (oh yes - and bought ((and set up)) a new computer, as mine is on it's very last legs). I am thinking with my lack of organization this will take us nearly to my due date!

One of the good things about being pregnant is that people at work who ordinarily would never have talked to me - have gone out of their way to be extra nice - and that has made my life a whole lot more pleasant! ((Many of these have been older men - and other young mums)).

Without doubt, one of the biggest wastes of my time during this pregnancy has been visiting the doctors / midwife's offices every other second for seemingly unnecessary measurements of my stomach and baby heart rate.  They have done absolutely nothing for me except tell me that my stomach has gotten bigger (or has failed to - and tried to worry me) and tell me how normal it is to feel crap during pregnancy.  They have not offered any helpful advice or been in the least bit supportive ((which one would think would be the least they could do)).  All they have ever said is things like "well pregnancy does take it's toll on the body." Perhaps they disapprove of my SMC status?

My doula came over last week and wanted me to talk about ALL my fears of childbirth - which was a trifle annoying.  She seemed very put out to find that I don't have any fears - my reasoning is that I live in a first world country with excellent insurance - and one way or the other this baby Will Come Out! And If I get scared during child birth fine - but I don't need to start worrying about it ahead of time - as I Just have too much else going on.  And when she said she wanted to come over again to continue the conversation - and I am afraid I told her I didn't think we needed it! ((At least I won't have to worry that she will be in a rush while I am trying to give birth)).

One of the nicest things to happen recently, was that my neighborhood put on a special baby shower for me.  I was SO deeply touched - and all of the people on my doggy walking route turned out and brought me the Most Lovely Gifts (except for "bitchy doggy friend" who fortunately couldn't make it!).  They even had the most gorgeous Diaper cake.  It really was a Very Special Evening. And it certainly made up for one of my half sisters telling me I had to "not expect any sympathy from anyone (on still throwing up) - and learn to be a strong single mother".

It seems though that sleeping is always a challenge - I wake up every two to three hours to pee.  I have now put my bed on the floor - in case I decide to have baby sleep with me (less far for her to fall - and easier for her to have tommy time - on non toxic yoga mat between bed and wall).   But the Great News Is  - I remind myself to rejoice about - NO hemorrhoids!  Yeah - something to be proud of! ((Or perhaps I should say no New hemorrhoids hmm - thank God this is an anonymous blog!!!).   But my legs have started to swell - and ache dreadfully.  ((The doc had the bright idea that my legs might hurt Because I swim too much)).  Of course I then had to explain to him that they hurt Less, When I swim, and it helps relieve some of the water retention!

I'm sorry I haven't been in the best mood for this post - but wanted to write Something, Before the big Day (hope it happens in one,) Arrives!


  1. OMG I am totally with you on the doctor's appointments! Mine told me I was depressed and not handling it well because I asked if there was anything I could for my itchy tummy (stretching skin and all that)!! Sounds like you have a great attitude about it all and I'm sure everything will be great :)

  2. I can't believe you're almost there! It seems like just a few short weeks ago that you got your BFP.

    How lovely of your neighbours to throw the shower for you. They sound like great people. I'm sure they'll be a wonderful support system for you and Baby. :)

  3. I think you have the right idea about childbirth, but what do I know, I haven't done it :-)

  4. 37 weeks!! Yea! I'm so sorry that you have been sick for your ENTIRE pregnancy!!! Baby girl will be here soon and hopefully the throwing up will end when she arrives. Your shower sounds very nice. I'm looking forward to meeting baby girl!!

  5. Wow -- you are almost there. Good luck!

  6. I am desperate for another update!!! Hope you are doing well.

    If I can give any advice - HORMONES ARE CRAZY. You will feel like an insane person, and that is totally normal - a part of me wondered if being on my own made things worse, but I have a feeling every new mom gets 'the crazies'. I am so very, very happy and excited for you - your life is going to change in ways you could never have anticipated, and your new life is about to begin!