Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finding baby help - I'm so happy

As soon as I had gotten pregnant I booked my doula - and another very well recommended Post Partum Doula.  I guess I was scared of being stuck with a screaming baby all by myself over the Christmas and New Years holidays.  Of course nothing goes as planned, so I was not surprised that the post partum doula called me recently to drop out.  I was a little annoyed but understood completely.   She wanted to help another family (instead of me) where the mother is desperately ill.

I posted a job description - for some baby help - though to be honest I was not really sure what to ask for - Do I need a super qualified nanny - a cheff - a chauffeur or just someone to offer some basic friendly support.  I had quite a ton of replies.  Most of them completely unsuitable - It didn't take more than a second to see that most of the people were far from my cup of tea!

Then I was recommended to another post partum doula - I met with her, and instantaneously knew that I would be happy to pay her NOT To come Anywhere Near my house.  She lectured me on child rearing, instructed me how I was supposed to do this and that - and then proceeded to inform me on how she was planning to be debt free by May and so really needed to work for me - It was as much as I could do to tell her I was feeling sick and must get home - but I couldn't get her to stop talking!  After this meeting I was a little hesitant to call back any of the candidates who replied to my job posting.

However today I plucked up the courage to start interviewing - I haven't been or felt sick for a whole three days - and found the energy to call and meet the most lovely girl.  I liked her immediately - and she is available to help me at weekends.  She said "I will do anything  you want me to - especially if you show me how you want it done."  It seems that she is studying early childhood education, belongs to a lovely church, has experience with babies - is smart, and I really enjoyed her company.  I am so relieved - and extremely happy!

Now to find me someone who can help during the week! And an extra in case one of these drops out!


  1. I suspect I don't live anywhere near you, but if I did, I'd probably do it for free; although I'm pretty sure I can be annoying too.

    You really should have told first doula you were desperately desperate and you should have just barfed on the second one's shoes.

  2. One more thing you can check off the list! It is hard to believe that your baby will be here that soon, it seems like just yesterday you were in your first trimester (or at least it feels that way to your followers)!

  3. I'm glad that you are trusting your instincts and that you found someone you like & trust. I hope you find the rest of what you need!!

  4. I'm so glad you found someone to help! It's hard to know how much help you're going to need now, it all depends on your baby's temperment and how you feel after delivery, but it's great to have help lined up in case you need a lot of it!