Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Embarrassing Moment

The stuff of nightmares and I ended up just fine!

Yesterday I got caught on the train (in england) in an automatic toilet - on the seat - throwing in the basin - and the automatic door Opened all by itself! (In full view of whole carriage).  I want to say that everyone sat  laughing and staring at my behind, and me stretched out making hideous noises into the sink - but thankfully most people were busy reading their papers and being so very English ! - And shortly there after I felt a Ton relieved - and a second later it was as though nothing had ever happened.

No one even gave me a second glance.  And I was just So grateful that I got everything contained in a suitable place!

Oh the joys of being pregnant!


  1. Remember, it could have been worse, you might not have made it to the actual toilet. I have thrown up on my shirt while on a plane, then you have to walk around smelling! (For the record, I did make it into the airplane sick bag, but it had a hole in the bottom...I now fly with a plastic bag in my pocket, and a spare shirt.)

  2. OMG! I hope I'm laughing with you. I can't even imagine it. You're going to have the best barfing stories to tell you kids. This one is the stuff of legends for 8 year olds.