Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baby on Board!

I should have posted something few days ago - I just couldn't believe it.  After 34 months of disappointment, I am now properly pregnant.  The doctor actually called me today to tell me himself.  MyBeta 10 days past 5 day transfer was something just over 400 - and home pregnancy test line is as dark as control line.

It's so weird I really don't feel pregnant hardly at all.  I yawn quite a bit, but am not especially tired -and  I snack frequently but when I think back to how I felt when I was pregnant with Sage, it all feels so much easier.  Some of this I put down to not having to take the crinone (vaginal progesterone).  I am doing the injections in oil - and this has been no problem at all (and importantly does not make my whole uterus go into spasm with every dose.)

This is probably too much info - but suffice it to say I am delighted - and am doing another Beta Monday.  Only one thing is the Same as with Sage - I seem to have quite a high Beta number!

As always when there's one thing going on there's always another twenty important things at the same time - we are a bit busy - and leave at the end of a hectic week of work to make our fist trip to Disney.  Not sure my timing was great - But needless to say - I will be trying to take it a bit "easy"


  1. Whoohoo! Congratulations! I hope it is an easy pregnancy!

  2. I came across this blog because I have recently decided that being single at 42 I needed to go ahead and try to have a baby. I am 4 days post IUI and I'm a nervous wreck. So I was Googling different things to see if anyone else was it in my predicament or similar to it. I'm happy I found your blog. I hope all is well:)