Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great skin!

Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned.  Upon opening my mouth both the hygienist and the dentist immediately commented on how much healthier my gums looked.  I know I have been doing nothing different except for the 86 mg of Zinc daily from Foresight Preconception (along with extra minerals) or the oil pulling.  And both of these have been very recent additions to my regime.  The oil pulling was suggested by one of the baby sitters and is supposed to have all sorts of heath benefits.  To be honest I would never have noticed anything different with my gums except that they bleed a little less. (But I have noticed the skin on my face looking better and my geographic tongue is much improved.)

Bad news is that I last night I slept very badly, waking in the night hungry and rather suspiciously hot - Hope this isn't a return of the hot flushes.  I was just getting used to sleeping well.  I am wondering if it doesn't have something to do with the garlic powder I have just started using.

Time will tell!

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