Thursday, November 14, 2013

One thing after the next

 Shortly after my surgery , the au pair having departed I noticed something was up with our extremely lovely nanny.  She didn't seem to want to go home - I wondered is she was lonely, if everything was Ok at home.  The next week she quit, on a tuesday in the middle of the day.  I had asked her not to give juice to Sage and not to buy her gifts (every time they went somewhere).  Nanny said I was being too controlling of recent, and that was that.

As luck would have it, our guardian angel stepped in and somehow I was able to make it thru the week without missing any work.

Three weeks later the new au pair arrived.  I must not be good a choosing - but I guess its  crazy idea to choose anyone over the internet to play with a pre verbal child.  She likes to watch the child - but not play with her, and stated that in her country children are much more advanced because they can "play by themselves."

With over two thousand hours of experience, she also managed to put on the first diaper back to front.  When I handed her Sage saying "needs a diaper change - clothes changed because of paint from messy art and a face wash - None of the above happened.  Apparently the one a three quarter year old said she didn't want any changing and this was accepted!

Sage does not seem happy with her, the au pair assures me the only problem is when I am home.  I do not trust her.

  Better news is that I happened on finding a lady to read my palm.  I said I was worried she would say stuff about my future, that would freak me out - that I would not be able to change. She said the only things that are set, in this life are the children we will have.  I thought I acted like it was no big deal and sat down to have my hand read.

She told me lots of things I know to be true about myself.  Then she asked if Sage was my only child, and said "are you single? how old are you (nearly 43) hmm - because it looks as though by this time next year you will already have - or be heavily pregnant with another baby - most likely a boy."

After that I was so extremely happy - the fact she told me I would move house within a couple of years to a new city - because of a much better job - and meet a man - was almost no big deal!

On the TTC front, Sage is STILL breast feeding - Occasionally we find things such as alligator and camel milk in the refrigerator to encourage less dependence on me - but with all the changes at home it has been hard to wean.  I still find it difficult to sleep properly at night (not because of the feeding but because of insomnia), and my tongue looks awful (geographic tongue).  I am connived that these symptoms both need to improve before I can get pregnant.

I found a new acupuncturist who said my pulse was So awful I could not get pregnant anyway at the moment - so I waited to yet another cycle, and am going three times a week for treatment , to see how much better I can get.

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