Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I woudn't normally admit to!

Getting pregnant has probably been the "project" in my life I have enjoyed less than any other - even though I am still hoping it will turn out to be the most rewarding.

Even before I got pregnant I had a rather good nose.  One of my ex boyfriends called me Madame Sniffagopolis.  Apart from being able to discern rather accurately what he had eaten for the past 24 hours, it turned out that one time he went to a party and smoked One cigarette - I could detect it on his person for the next 10 days.

The other day I sat down at home to do some work, and was overpowered by the most hideous smell.  I thought perhaps it was the light bulb burning - or the dog.  I coudn't figure out where the smell was coming from.  It took me forever to figure out the smell was emanating from MYSELF.  In fact i realize that I can smell tons of different parts of my body - all of which are foul, starting with the smell from my ears - nose, mouth.  I think I need not go on!

For a while I was hating the smell of my normally odorless dog.  The only thing I could do was to make the poor thing take a shower with me - which he hates.  Thankfully of recent I seem to be less sensitive to him.

Yesterday was a Good day.  No migraine, and I hadn't thrown up for three whole days.  I was beginning to feel almost normal, so much so that I was actually able to get some work done - or try to.  However my brain has definitely been in "pregnancy mode" and I notice I find certain tasks much harder than I ever used to.  For instance at a meeting the other day I introduced two people I have known for years - very confidently but entirely by the wrong name.

Sitting down to work, I was having a real problem comprehending a task (due to my brain not functioning), so I decided to drop by co workers house (who is recovering from surgery) to ask for assistance.  On the way, I decided to pick up some food.  It tasted so good.  Only problem was, that after enjoying the meal, I threw up the entire thing in three different spots in the parking lot.  The urge to rid my body of its contents was so violent - I ended up splattering my clothes with sick and peeing my pants too.  (I didn't even know that could happen).  Fortunately I was able to go home, shower, and start the day again.

I did feel a whole lot better though when my colleague had to take out his pen and paper to decipher the instructions - just a few lines working together, took us nearly half an hour to understand.

Later in the day I stopped by the chiropractor - anything to keep the migraines away. On the way back I noticed a store I had never seen before, with loads of children's clothing.   The urge to see what was there was uncontrollable.  I don't even know whether I'm having a boy or a girl yet, so I was determined Not to buy Anything.  (The one designated baby draw at home is already nearly full.)  I just couldn't believe how cheap everything was.  It took me nearly 10 minutes for figure out I was in a Second Hand Store.  Only seconds later I found myself stuffing a nearly new STROLLER into the trunk of my car.  It was So cute - so easy to maneuver - that of course I couldn't let it pass!

When I got home I somewhat guiltily told my mother what I had done - and she said "Did you test the brakes".  That was the one thing I did not think of - and of course the mother ALWAYS knows best. One of the brakes is broken!  I feel So silly.  Now she says I have to take it back! - Personally I think I may just keep it anyway - I don't live on a hill - and can't imagine a situation where I would want to PARK my child by itself in a stroller.  Please tell me now if I am wrong!

And lastly, while some people may have thought for some time that I am looking a little bigger - I have finally come to accept, that I am sporting a small but obvious "baby bump".  It has been 17 weeks after all - and apparently my uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe melon.  I must go to the supermarket to check out exactly how big that is.  I think that although people who meet me for the first time, might still not notice - anyone who knows me  - and isn't totally blind - would have to suspect that "Somethings Up".

When I was in London my mother made me get fitted for a new pregnancy Bra.  My new size was 34E, where before I was only 34C.  Well to turn things around, I finally admitted to myself the new bra may have been English and Expensive - but it also Really Uncomfortable.  So I am back to squeezing myself into one of my old bras.  It may not have the perfect support - but its "oh so much more comfortable."  So to set the record straight - I checked the tag - and now - as of yesterday I am back to a 34 B.  So much for sizing!


  1. Yay for the bump!
    (maybe the different sizes with the bras is due to different brands?)
    You could smell your different parts of body.. lol
    As for the no brakes on stroller - I don't think I would worry, as long as you know about it (btw, any chance of going to the manufacture and getting it fixed? I had a hand me down pram with wanky wheels and we went to the manufacture and had new wheels put on). Though only now I'm starting to use the stroller more (easeier for carrying the potty!) (I was more of a sling person), I don't think I ever used the brakes..

  2. Let's see the bump!!!

    Hopefully you are documenting it at least for yourself. My mom gave me a Belly Book (from Amazon) for taking photos each week of the belly. I can't believe it now when I look back at that "dainty" belly I had! And hopefully, I will look back and not be able to believe how BIG I was (am).

    I hope the nausea and vomiting and sense of smell get better soon! They sound AWFUL. Poor you!

  3. Pregnancy brain is the WORST, it makes you feel so dumb. I had a really hard time focusing on work - other than the vomiting, it was probably the thing I disliked the most.

    If one of the brakes still works and will hold the stroller still you should be ok - never mind hills or anything, but you want the breaks on when you are wrestling a struggling baby into the thing, and the stroller will move. Keep in mind you will be doing it yourself without an extra set of hands to hold the stroller still. Otherwise, I didn't use the breaks all that much.

    I hope the nausea gets better for you soon. And yes, welcome to the new world of bladder-control issues!

  4. You may find yourself HAVING to park your stroller (if you take the dog for a walk and need to pick up after the dog, it's challenging to hold onto the stroller and bend to pick up poo without getting something on someone ... ) ... at least ... that's been my experience ... but as long as ONE of the brakes work ... hmmmm ...