Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great News 18 week ultrasound

Today was the long awaited day.  The doctor was very happy with everything he saw on the ultrasound - the detail was just amazing - I saw all four chambers of the heart, the internal organs, the lens of the eye - baby kicking me (which I could Not feel). And most importantly - the acupuncturist in London who told me at 9.5 weeks I was having a boy - is Wrong!  Its a Girl.  I am delighted - and still quite shocked - now I have to figure out girl names - hmm and perhaps return a couple items of clothing!

On the down side - after 4 days of feeling much better - I just threw up the meal I ate - and am off to bed to try and allay the migraine which seems to be rearing its head again.  The good news is that the doc said I can take one baby aspirin a day if that will help the headaches.  Oh and I may feel like crap - but I am So Happy to know I avoided the amnio and that Baby looks just fine.  She is definitely my daughter too - the tech said - "oh what long legs she has" - between hip and knee - just like me!

My mother is delighted it's a girl too.  Though she is SO sexist, she even said "oh it will be So much easier to look after a girl - after all, with a girl there are many fewer things to go wrong"!!!!  In a way, although I am really excited - it would have been nice to have a boy - I often wondered, if people would not have taken me more seriously - when i was a child -  if I had been a boy (being born illegitimate to a single mother.)  I had the feeling that when my mother gave birth to me - people said "she had the baby - it's just a little girl" - It's probably all in my head.  At least if I do decide to go for number two - I won't feel compelled to have them spin the sperm to select for a girl - which I knew I always wanted!


  1. Congratulations on your baby girl! So exciting!

    I can't believe you're already at 18 weeks already. The time really is flying...

  2. Oh a baby girl! Perfect! I'm glad everything looked great!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy you're having a girl (and a long legged girl at that!) :)

    Not so happy about the continued headaches and nausea/vomiting though! Have you tried tylenol? I found it helped more than usual when I was pregnant, and it seems like it would help more than a baby aspirin would.

  4. A girl!! How exciting! And seeing EVERYTHING in that scan - exciting too :-).

  5. I was going to say 'a girl that's fab', but then I realized I would have said the same for a boy. I'm glad she looks good and healthy.

    I agree with you about growing up a girl. I'm the daughter of a divorcess. There were only 2 of us in my class. I felt like maybe I was a little less 'worthy' to some people. It doesn't matter now though because I know the people who thought that are morons.

    Thanfully times have changed. You're girl won't know that feeling.

  6. Congrats!! Glad the hear that everything looks good on the ultrasound!

  7. CONGRATS!!! I cried when I learned that Jellybean was a girl - I didn't realize that even though I thought she was a boy, I had wanted a girl so very much.

    I think it's easier having a girl as a single mum for lots of reasons, like using public bathrooms/change rooms and understanding all the parts. But I also know I am going to have my hands full at times with emotional, drama-loving craziness!

  8. Congrats on having a girl and a great scan! Can't believe you're this far along already. I've got a couple more weeks for my anatomy scan and hope the bean is cooperative that day otherwise I'm going to have to wait until about 30 weeks.

    I don't really care either way but I have always seen myself with a daughter. Don't ask why. I'm with Jellybean Mama on the practicalities ... I think about odd things like the public bathroom issue. lol I'm feeling boy so we'll see what happens at the scan.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's great news about skipping the amnio ... and since I'm the mother of a girl (and I'm terrified now that I found out my next is a boy), I will second your (sexist) mother's inclination ... I think that she's a girl is a good thing. I love having a little girl. She's sassy. Precocious. Loving. Fun. Funny. Engaging. Verbal. Physically strong. Emotional. Eccentric ... exactly what I always wished for. And I'm guessing with you as a mom, your little one will be even MORESO! Sending loving thoughts across the miles ...