Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She's growing too fast

We had an non essential visit to the doc last week because our daycare twice dared to suggest that Sage  be (bulked up with formula - (((for when she's one))).  Needless to say the doc found her to be of perfect weight 50th percentile - and 95th for height, a massive 28 inches long.  Needless to say we are now searching for a new daycare!

Tonight we hit a milestone. in actual fact i have not been that good at feeding sage.  I still haven't successfully made any baby food.  My blender is somehow not up to the task - and the baby bullet has such awful reviews on the web i couldn't bring myself to oder it.  We sort of started the baby lead weening ( because it sounded like the easiest thing for the mother to do) - but never got much further than Sage gnawing on celery sticks.  In the last 3 weeks two small teeth have appeared.  Thankfully I have not been bitten yet! (Hopefully she learned that bitting was not acceptable when I screamed at her for doing so Before the teeth arrived!).

Tonight was the first time she turned down the breast in order to have some of MY supper.  She ended up insisting on eating some artichoke, red beans, goat yogurt, and trout - in that order!   At the same time as my being sad about this I am happy.  Can't believe we've made it this far!


  1. Don't blame you for searching for a new daycare! Sage looks beautiful!

  2. So cute!

    I found that once Finn started feeding himself is when he really got interested in eating. He does do some purees now (and takes them better than he did at 7 months) but that's only because they're easy to give him and easy to get him more of a variety of fruits and veggies.